Semi Privates 5:1 Ratio Aug 29 – Sept 1



PPH Hockey Semi Private Summer Camps. Each player will receive a 5-1 ratio, each player gets 5 x more quality reps then big community camps. We will teach game situations with Individual skills performed within the drills. Small Area games, Quick Release Shooting, Scoring tactics, Picking up pucks off the walls offensively/Defensively, Puckhandling and more.  Guaranteed a 5 x more Reps per drill. 

Limited spots per group. 

Dates/Times:  Mon – Thurs Aug 29-Sept 1 … 10-12pm
Location: Vollmer Complex, LaSalle
Program Ice: 8hrs ice… 5 players per group (age/skill appropriate)
Ages: 7 – 15yrs old HL – AAA  (Create your own group of 5)
Cost: $42500 + HST (4days)
Note: Day rates $110.00 +  HST per day


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